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Showing our love for our LOVE ONES need not end when they die. Continue to show them with love in a peaceful and beautiful surrounding. Whitehaven is a very good investment, not only for our dear departed but also for ourselves.


WH-Z Lot owner (B13L1-18 SFEA-Close Type Mausoleum)

I have decided to purchase a memorial lot at Whitehaven Gardens Zarraga, because of their very accommodating and approachable staff. The location is ideal and accessible to all our relatives who wanted to visit our love ones during all Souls day .Not crowded,they have parking area and affordable rates.

Bonni Sagala

WH-Z lot owner (Courtyard)

Whitehaven Gardens Memorial Parks is beautiful! My Family and I have all seen it. Thanks so much for your help with the decision making process. We are all very pleased with how it turned out. Your generosity and quick response of your staff. On behalf of Aropo Family many thanks…God bless Us

Ryan and Jane Lorenzo

WH-Z lot owner

As one of the investor and agent of Whitehaven Gardens Lambunao, I witness all the hardness for the effort of men who unite, plan and pursue the dream of all who would like to improve our lives and lifestyle here in Lambunao. “Akala ko panaginip lang”, but Whitehaven Gardens Memorial Parks stands behind of so many trials and difficulties with the guide of our dear almighty, so much success to all their efforts.

Rosemarie L. Libanan

WH-Lambunao lot owner/Investor

I think planning on something that is bound to happen is a very wise thing to do, and that is the reason why I decided to purchase a memorial lot with Whitehaven Gardens Memorial Parks. They are offering a flexible and affordable payment terms. The staff are very accommodating and was able to explain every details of the agreement.


WH-lambunao Lot owner (B94L16-AB-D)

Thinking of purchasing a burial plot is a contemplative under taking, no pun intended. We solely intended to purchase a plot for our father sudden passing on September 2019, so many people had commented on how exceptionally beautiful his service was. It wasn’t just any one thing, It was a combination of everything. We decided to purchased three plots instead of one because you demonstrated such professionalism and accompanied with patience. We want to thank you so much for your assistance, guidance and sensitivity throughout our difficult times. Distance does not matter to us, We choose Whitehaven Gardens Memorial Parks because we know first handoff the care involved in maintaining the beauty and serenity of the park.

Lea Bonete

WH-Leganes Lot owner

Whitehaven Gardens Memorial Parks is a well maintained place with its beautiful walls and gate. There is a clean accessible restroom and I got a peaceful feeling when I first stepped in. The mode of payment caters to all depending on one’s capacity to pay, from a spotcash to an easy installment, and the office staffs are very helpful in facilitating all my transactions.

Amalia Jones

WH-Leganes lot owner

I am a true blue Santa Barbaranhon, and I welcomed Whitehaven Gardens when it opened in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo in 2012. My late parents and grandparents were buried in separate graves, and Whitehaven Gardens offered the opportunity for me to reunite them, at least in their final resting place. Visiting them is always a pleasant experience for me because I love how they are surrounded with lush greenery, and beautiful gazebos and murals. I get a great sense of comfort in the thought that they are together safe and secure in this wonderful place — Whitehaven Gardens Memorial Parks.

Ma. Ruby Singo

WH-Sta. Barbara Lot owner / Licensed Agent

A well lived life, deserves the best in after life. As a final resting place – the serenity and accessibility only in Whitehaven Gardens you can find.

Ma. Alice D. Alojado

WH-SB Lot owner / Real Estate Broker

White haven is a perfect lasting peace. The relaxed ambiance, a well landscaped entrance, maintained cleanliness, the affordable price and the accommodating staff convinced me to buy 3 lots in installment basis.

Felycon Alcallaga

WH-SB Lot owner – Dep ed Teacher

Four years ago, our beloved mother passed away at the age of 71. Our hearts were filled with grief and that was probably the most disheartening moment in our entire lives. As every loving family does for a deceased love one, we were deciding on where should we hold Nanay’s burial. We were eyeing a peaceful and serene place, and Whitehaven Gardens at Sta. Barbara, Iloilo was exactly the spot we were looking for. This memorial park is situated beside the main highway , which is accessible for visitors. We inquired about their services and receive positive responses and budget-friendly offers, which was surprising considering the elegance and grandeur the entire place projects. Lawn lots were readily available, so we had no further worries about Nanay’s resting place. The cost was a bit pricey, yet the quality of service was worth all the pay. The Interment was very well-organized. Our request were promptly fulfilled and Nanay’s burial proceeded smoothly and solemnly. The employees were also accommodating and mindful of our concerns. In general sense, the service that we receive was truly commendable. Apart from this, the ambiance and security of the place were also additional perks. The facilities and lawn lots are always well-maintained. At night, the entire place is lit up so that visitors can still spend time with their love ones in the secure environment. It is not like any typical cemetery where a somewhat eerie sensation greets you, especially at night time. In fact, staying there at anytime of the day feels like you are in heaven with all the comfort and serenity. Indeed, “It feels like heaven in Whitehaven” Some of our relatives were also encourage to transact with Whitehaven, proof that it has established a good reputation. So, if you are searching for the right place to lay your deceased loved ones to rest, Whitehaven Gardens Memorial Parks is the perfect choice!

Ruth Grace A. Comodero

WH-Sta. Barbara lot owner/ Dep ed Teacher

Everyone at Whitehaven Sta. Barbara was incredible to work with. Wonderful staff, compassionate and extremely accommodating to my family.

Dr. Amalia Fernadez

WH-SB Lot owner (Open Type Mausoleum)

Peace & Security That is the thought, feeling and intention in buying and investing memorial lot at WHITEHAVEN GARDENS MEMORIAL PARKS. The location is very accessible and near our place. My niece just walk and jog to her mother’s place of rest when she visit her. And during this uncertain times where there are pandemics or calamities and death is sure, others sudden , others spend some time of stay in the hospital before they rest in the Lord. So having a memorial lot gives you security and peace of mind where you will lay your loved one to rest. If you have additional budget and intend to invest is another idea, like what my husband did. It has helped others in their time of need and at the same time has helped us also financially now that he has retired from work already.

Claire Sola

The best gift that I could give to myself and loved ones when we depart in this world, is a place of beauty and tranquility that only Whitehaven Gardens could offer.

Fernita S. Monserate

WH-SB Lot owner / Retired teacher